#Repost @altucher with @repostapp ・・・ WITH ALL DUE RESPECT When I was just rehearsing being a human, I needed a dictionary. …. The dictionary, like most such books, was really an ancient text to translate spells that demons were casting on me. …. To survive these spells, the aliens said to me, you must slow down your thoughts. … You need to realize anger is just fear. ..and most fears are fictions…..then you become brave enough to be a hero in this story instead of a minor character…. Read the dictionary. ……………. “With all due respect” == I hate you. I’m better than you. And I’m about to screw you. ……… “With respect” === I am criticizing you but you are stupid and think I am being nice to you. …………. “With love and respect” means I’ve already stolen from you, you’ve mistakenly tried to get it back, and you are hopelessly screwed. …………. So what is “respect” then? I want me sum. …. Give credit to everyone. The hardest thing in this world is to be born. …. Congratulate your loves on the smallest of achievements. Because the brain will otherwise punish them. .. Nobody will listen or care, and most will still think poorly of you, particularly the ones infected with suspicion and jealousy. But if you evacuate your mind of all thought of, “this thing, this idea, this credit, is mine ” then what you are left with is a mirror and you look at it and smile and see respect in the now clean reflection.

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