Reading of the Day: Wed, Aug 5, 2015

How the Internet of Things & On-Demand Services Will Change Housing in Retirement – Interesting Article of how our lives in mid-life and retirement will be made better by the IoT push of technology and the Uber-ization of services that is coming.

The 200-Word Guide to Personal Branding – The Basics of what personal branding is and if you want to start personal branding.

Jony Ive’s Secret Coffee Ritual – The “juice” behind the Apple design team’s brainstorming sessions.

From Gamergate to Cecil the lion: internet mob justice is out of control – A great article about how we’re letting the mob meter out justice instead of the courts.

Shared: Podcast-Bulletproof Radio: Seeking Rejection, Overcoming Fear & Entrepreneurship

This was a great podcast about seeking rejection to make your mind stronger and to become more resilient towards hearing “no”. This is something that I deal with regularly and I sometimes have a hard time not taking “no” personally. It is definitely worth listening to because getting past rejection is a great skill to develop. It is a definite weak spot of mine and I think that there is actionable advice in here about making ourselves mentally stronger.